Mailgun – Send, Receive and Track Email Effortlessly

Is Mailgun a secure email service or how can I create a Mailgun account? In this present age, email is undoubtedly the best and fastest way of communication be it for personal or business purposes. There are however numerous email service providers on the internet today. Each with its own unique features and capabilities.

Mailgun - Send, Receive and Track Email Effortlessly

Amongst the email service providers out there, Mailgun is a unique webmail service that allows you to allow you to send, receive and track email without any hassle. With Mailgun, you can rest assured that all your emails will safely get to the recipient without any interference. Using this webmail service for all your email needs is simply the best option.

On the contrary, Mailgun is a premium emailing service that is mainly used for business purposes. Although signing up for an account on Mailgun is absolutely free, but to unlock advanced features, you need to upgrade your account. Mail gun is used by millions of people across the globe and it is really loved for its powerful APIs. You can set up an account within a minute and reach the inbox with confidence.

Why Should I Use Mailgun?

Apart from those newbies who just signed up for a new Mailgun account, this webmail service also offers Rackspace customers 50,000 free emails and 100 free validations. In other words, if you have a Rackspace account, you can enjoy Mailgun amazing features. Besides, you can also sign up for an account at Rackspace. Hence, we’ll be highlighting some reasons why you should use this webmail service in the section below;

  • The first reason why this webmail is best recommended especially for developers is its powerful APIs. You can send, receive and track emails with the help of its APIs. Sending emails with Mail gun API is pretty easy.
  • Deliverability guaranteed: With its powerful APIs, you are certain that all your emails will land where they are supposed to.
  • Burst sending: You can send tons of emails at once to recipients. Presently, you can send up to 15 million emails in a single hour.
  • Inbox placement: Predict deliverability issues and take action to improve performance.
  • Optimize your email performance with powerful analytics.
  • Engage with customers with the right campaign at the right time.

Mailgun is trusted by more than 225,000 businesses. Deliver your message to the right person at the right time with global expertise that you can depend on.

Mailgun STMP

On Mailgun, you can send emails in two different ways using either HTTP API or STMP. Both methods work efficiently and very fast. Sending emails using API allows you to send messages via HTTP and HTML. Mailgun STMP allows you to send emails when you don’t have your own mail server. Its SMTP helps to relay messages and it is the easiest way to get started sending marketing and transactional emails. Its STMP services offer the following;

  • Tracking of emails and advanced analytics for your emails.
  • Detailed logs which enable you to detect unsent emails.
  • Inbound email parsing and routing.
  • An email validation feature that allows to verify that an email address from your list actually exists.
  • Increase deliverability features to reduce bounce rates and spam complaints.
  • Integration with ISPs like Yahoo over TLS or SSL.

To crown it all, STMP servers are a simpler way to send emails. But if you want a more efficient process, you should use an email API. This is because it can process requests faster than a normal STMP service.

Mailgun Pricing

Meanwhile, Mailgun plans and pricing varies depending on the type of plan you select. In the meantime, Mailgun has four different plans which are Flex, Foundation, Growth, and Scale. And each plan comes with its own features. Those who wish to use this webmail service for business can select any of the aforementioned plans.


The Flex Plan allows you to have a taste of Mailgun. It offers you 5,000 free emails for 3 months. And once the three months trial expires, you’ll pay based on what you use. It offers amazing features like email APIs, STMP Relay, and webhooks. You’ll also get suppression management email tracking and analytics, 99.99% guaranteed Uptime SLA, 5 days of long retention, detailed documentation, and limited 24/7 ticket support.


The Foundation plan gives you access to feature that you can’t enjoy on the Flex plan. It offers you all the benefits that the Flex plan offers you. You’ll enjoy advanced features like email address validations, inbox placement tests, 5 days of log retention, detailed documentation, and 24/7 ticket support. Mailgun pricing for this plan is just $35 per month with 50,000 emails included.


With the Growth Plan, you can optimize sending with deliverability tools and enhanced support. Just as the Foundation plan offers you features that you won’t get on the Flex plan, so does the Growth plan unlocks additional features for you and it is just $80 per month.


With the Scale plan, you can drive results with the most advanced sending platform, deliverability tools, and full support. The Scale plan offers you all the features of the first three plans and also unlocks additional features for users.

Mailgun Sign Up

Getting started with Mailgun is pretty easy and can be done within a minute irrespective of where you’re staying. You can create either a free account or a paid account on this webmail service. Any Mailgun plan you select except free allows you to add as many users as you want to your account without paying a dime. The steps to create a free account will be provided below;

  • On your web browser, visit the Mailgun official website.
  • Click the Get Started link on the homepage.
  • The sign-up page will then appear on the next page.
  • Enter the required details into their respective fields.
  • Scroll down and verify your humanity.
  • Having done that, click the Create Account link.

Mind you, you’ll see a part on the sign-up page asking for your card details. This information is necessary as it helps Mailgun to prevent spammers from signing up. This signifies good deliverability for you and other users. You won’t incur any charges unless you send more than 5,000 emails each month.

Mailgun Login

Having created a Mailgun account, you can login to your account anytime and anytime. Maybe you already have an account, you can also sign in to your account as well. The Mailgun login is a key to authenticate your account.

  • Visit on your device browser.
  • Tap Login at the top right of the homepage.
  • The login will appear at the center of the screen.
  • Enter your email address on the field provided and click on Next.

Follow the on-screen instructions from there and if your login details are correct, you’ll be successfully logged in to your account.


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