Lunar New Year 2024 – Year of The Tiger In China

It is a New Year and so many celebrations are happening in all parts of the world. Chinese are not left out as the celebration of the new year is on the 10th of February 2024. The Lunar Year 2024 has a lot of expectations as the year is just beginning for Chinese individuals.

Lunar New Year 2024  - Year of The Tiger In China

With the Lunar New Year 2024 showing forth in less than a week, a lot of preparations in happening in the sense that, there is preparation for the Chinese rites and the lunar year traditions festivals. The Lunar New Year 2024 also known as spring festival is on the first day of February.

Over the years, each lunar year comes with the lunar new year animal, colors, rules, and so many delicacies of food are being prepared as the Chinese people welcome the new year with joy. The Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year starts with the rising of the second moon. After the winter solstice which is on the 21st of December. This also starts on any date between 21 January and 20 February.

The Lunar New year 2024 is also called the spring festival, and the new year is observed by Chinese communities all over the world. On that day, the Lunar new year is a remarkable day as there are a lot of celebrations, sharing, exchanging gifts, partying and so many more. If you have any questions concerning the Lunar new year 2024, relax, and sit back as more about the lunar new year 2024 will be revealed.

What Animal is the Lunar New Year 2024?

Every year in the Chinese calendar, every lunar year comes with its lunar animal in that year. And this time around, the Lunar new year 2024 animal is the tiger. The tiger is the third in the 12-animal Chinese zodiac cycle. And the tigers were born in the following years, 2010,1998,1986, 1974, 1950, and the years following on in that range of figures.

Where is Lunar Year Celebrated?

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by a lot of individuals. Celebrants are from the east and southern Asian countries and this includes China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. Lunar New year 2024 is also referred to be Chinese New Year, spring festival, Tet Nguyen Dan, or you can call Lunar new year 2024 Seol-Nal.

What is the Difference Between Chinese New Year And Lunar New Year?

The Chinese New Year festival is celebrated in many countries. And the term lunar new year is a festival that is celebrated in other countries the festivals often fall at the same time as the Chinese New Year and with other traditions in China.

What is Eaten on Lunar New Year?

The festival Lunar new year also known as the spring festival is the festival where varieties of food are prepared. For example, the Dumplings, Jiaozi in Mandarin are good food for the Lunar new year 2024 celebration. It is believed that the shape of jiaozi is like the gold ingot used as currency in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). So when you eat jiaozi, it is believed that it would bring prosperity to the person eating it.

What Are the Best Colors to Wear on Lunar New Year 2024?

It is believed that red or other bright color cloth is the best to wear on the Lunar new year 2024. If you are a Chinese individual then it is appropriate that you wear the color red or bright colors to the festival. The color is believed to chase out the spirit of bad fortune. Red is known as China’s good luck color, red rhymes with the festive and upbeat mood.


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