MSN Games – Play Free MSN Games Online

MSN Games – Games are not only restricted to children as they can also be played by adults during their spare or leisure time. Now the question is ‘’Where can I play or download free games? Without a doubt, there are several gaming websites available today. But MSN games are one of the best games presently because you can play them for free online and also download them for free.

MSN Games - Play Free MSN Games Online

MSN is a web portal owned by Microsoft. It gathers several internet services and web applications for mobile devices and computers. Microsoft is definitely one of the best tech companies in the world and it has been providing numerous services to users.

MSN is an abbreviation for Microsoft Network. This means that it is a part of the tech giant. So, if you have a Microsoft account, you can enjoy several Microsoft services including MSN games. MSN Games can be played by anyone. You can play free MSN games online either on a mobile device or on a Windows device.

One good thing about this MSN is that it does not ask for your login details before you can play and download its free games. However, it is advisable that you log in to your MSN account for a better gaming experience. Your Microsoft login ID is also the same as your MSN login ID. Since MSN is owned by Microsoft, you can log in to MSN with your Microsoft ID.

MSN Free Online Games

Playing Microsoft Network games is usually fun especially when you play it online on a PC. There are several games that you can play for free on MSN. Some of the free online games that you can play on this platform include MSN Solitaire, MSN Backgammon, MSN Spades, MSN Checkers, MSN Puzzles, MSN bubble shooter, MSN block champ, MSN Mahjong, and many others. There are other free games available on this platform apart from those ones but just to mention a few.

Categories of Games on MSN

To satisfy a great number of users, MSN provides free games in different categories. There are several games you can play and download for free on this platform. Hence, I’ll be listing out some categories of games below that you can play for free on this platform.

  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Poker/Casino
  • Time Management
  • New Games
  • Word / Trivia
  • Card & Board
  • Most Popular Free Games
  • Arcade & Action
  • Hidden Objects
  • Match 3 Games
  • Zone Online Casino
  • Microsoft Casual Games

You can play free Microsoft games online and also download down from each of the categories listed above. Better still, you can make use of the MSN search engine to search for your favorite game.

MSN Games System Requirements

MSN games are best enjoyed when played on a computer. But before you can play or download these games on your computer, there are some things your computer needs to have. Thus, I’ll be listing out some devices and their requirements under them.

Internet Browser

  • Adobe Flash Player, Version 10.00 or higher, to paly Adobe Flash player games.
  • Internet Explorer Browser, Version 8.0 or higher.

A Windows 7

  • Windows 7 OS
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB [32-bit] RAM or 2 GB [64-bit] RAM
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.

Windows 8

  • Windows 8 OS
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB [32-bit] RAM or 2 GB [64-bit] RAM
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.

Windows Vista

  • Windows Vista 32-bit or A Windows Vista 64-bit OS with SP 2
  • 1 GHs CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 32 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card

A Windows XP

  • Windows XP 32-bit OS with SP 3
  • 800 MHs CPU
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Super VGA video adaptor and monitor

How to Play Free Online Games

MSN allows everyone to visit its gaming platform to play online games for free. You can play a wide range of games of Microsoft Network without paying a dime. To play free online games on MSN, follow the guidelines below;

  • Launch a web browser and visit the MSN Gaming website.
  • You will see different online games on the homepage.
  • Select a game from the list of games displayed or make use of the search engine to search for your favorite game.
  • Once you find the game, click on it.
  • On the next page, click on the ‘’Play’’ button.

There you have it! Enjoy free Microsoft games for free. Also, there are multiplayer games available on this website. You can play those games with another person online.

How to Download MSN Games

To download MSN Games;

  • Visit the MSN Game Zone.
  • On the homepage, use the category options to search for your favorite game or use the search engine.
  • Once you find your desired game, click on it.
  • Then click on the download link and your download will begin immediately.

Once the game is completely downloaded on your device, open it and start enjoying it for free.


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