Maintenance Planner Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Are you searching for maintenance planner jobs in USA with visa sponsorship? If so, then you are in luck because in this blog post I will provide all the details about this job role. When planning to migrate to another country, one of the most important things you need to consider is getting a job.

Maintenance Planner Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

But not to worry, a lot of U.S.-based employers are willing to sponsor qualified foreigners to fill the vacant job role. All expenses and accommodation fees are covered by the employer. Do you know that you can earn up to $70,495 per year as a maintenance planner in the United States? Attractive, right?

This probably pays more than in your home country. The maintenance planner leads and works closely with the maintenance group. Once you have the leadership skills to direct the maintenance team effectively, you are the right person for the job.

Getting maintenance planner jobs in USA with visa sponsorship is a big deal because you get a job offer with an attractive salary and a free visa to the United States. Once you are qualified for the role, it is best to commence your application process as soon as possible.

What is a Maintenance Planner Job?

Maintenance planners are responsible for ensuring that the maintenance technicians are equipped with the tools and parts needed to finish work orders. They plan schedules for maintenance in a way that reduces the downtime of equipment and affects production.

They usually work in the manufacturing workspace and build relationships with people in the maintenance team, such as production supervisors or machine operators. Maintenance planner jobs are most demanding, which is why certain sets of skills are needed to perform their job effectively.

They need technical skills to help them evaluate the time it takes to complete tasks. Social skills are also needed to help maintenance planners manage the needs of various people in various departments. The maintenance planner gives a report to the manager or supervisor. However, they are expected to assist the organization to achieve the goal they are working towards.

Responsibilities of a Maintenance Planner

The job of a maintenance planner is quite daunting. However, a competent maintenance planner knows how to balance expectations and goals from various departments. Their tasks are quite demanding, with certain responsibilities that they must carry out. Here are the responsibilities below:

  • They assign codes to orders for work.
  • Inspection of fields and dictate appropriate work scopes.
  • Make work schedules for maintenance jobs with important information to enable efficient assignment, planning, and execution of maintenance jobs.
  • Carry out related duties as needed.
  • Follow the safety protocols of the organization.
  • Asses work feedback to enhance job plans.
  • Provide tools and materials as required.
  • Design, maintain, and use job history to update details in recent job plans to avoid delays in jobs.
  • Supply technical assistance as needed for the maintenance team.
  • Enforce all environmental and safety rules.
  • Help in training in the area of expertise.
  • Build a good relationship with superiors and team members.
  • Training the staff to use CMMS.

The maintenance planner must carry out these responsibilities with efficiency. They must show a good attitude at work to lead the maintenance team to achieve a level of production. And they must support and encourage their staff. Once you can carry out these duties, you can qualify for a maintenance planner job in the USA with visa sponsorship.

Requirements for Maintenance Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship?

Do you have an interest in this job role? Then try applying for it. There is a certain requirement that you need to be able to qualify for a maintenance planner job. You need to prove to the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job. The requirements are as follows:

  • Capability to communicate with people at all organizational levels
  • Basic CMMS software knowledge.
  • Ability to direct others.
  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or another relay course
  • . A three-year experience as a maintenance planner
  • . Knowledge of how to operate industrial equipment.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to follow safety protocols and take appropriate precautions when performing work tasks.
  • A high school diploma.

Before you qualify for the job role, endeavor to meet the above-mentioned requirements. If you are lucky, you might be able to secure a maintenance planner job in the USA with visa sponsorship.

How Much Do Maintenance Planners Earn in USA?

Maintenance planners make quite a lot annually. However, to earn a befitting salary, as in the United States, you need years of experience and a university degree. The average salary for maintenance planners in the USA is $70,495 per year.

Although certain factors contribute to the range of the annual salary, such as province, level of experience, qualifications, and company. Once you qualify, you might be able to find maintenance planner jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship.


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