FWD Travel Insurance – Single and Annual Trip Coverage

Getting travel insurance on your trips is very necessary. It ensures your protection during your travel plans. In this article, I’ll be discussing FWD travel insurance. FWD provides maximum protection for your trips simply by insuring your travel plans with them. FWD is consistent in the services it provides.

FWD Travel Insurance - Single and Annual Trip Coverage

No matter how far or how long your trip is, it ensures that your travel insurance is still on. It also offers affordable packages to its customers and provides unlimited medical evacuation on all its plans.

Why should I get FWD travel insurance?

In return for purchasing the travel insurance product from FWD, you will get amazing benefits. Travel insurance protects you in the event of a mishap or accident during your trip. It also provides payment in the event of any event. Check out the list of benefits you will enjoy below:

  • Accident Coverage: This covers accidents or death, which is one of the unforeseen circumstances you may face on your trip. It provides for adequate needs.
  • Medical Bills: Ensure your travel plans with FWD to ensure your medical bill if there is any accident or need for medical intervention.
  • Travel Inconveniences: If there is any reason for your flight to be canceled, a delay in your trip, you missed your flight connection, or there was a delay in your baggage and hotel lodging, you’re covered with FWD travel insurance.

For each of these benefits, there are industry average levels. To enjoy all of these amazing benefits, ensure your travel plans with FWD.

FWD TravelInsurance Coverage

Plan HighlightsPremium [max limit]Business [max limit]First [max limit]
Overseas medical expenses [ per adult below 70 years old]S$200,000S$500,000S$1000,000
Theft of or damage to your personal belongings. Note; sub-limit of s$300 per single item for a premium plan and s$ 500 per single item for business and first plan.S$3000S$5000S$7500
Baggage delay [s$150 for every six hours of delay overseas and s$ after six hours of delay in Singapore]S$150S$600S$900
Travel delay [s$100 for every six hours of delay overseas and s$100 after six hours of delay in Singapore]S$300S$500S$1000
Liability for harm or damage you accidentally causeS$500,000S$750,000S$1,000,000
Automatic travel cover extension7days14days21days

 How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim

Before knowing how to make a travel insurance claim, you also have the right to know the things you can claim on FWD travel insurance. They are;

  • Expenses for hospital and overseas medical bills.
  • Misplaced, stolen, or damaged personal belongings or luggage.
  • Additional expenses include accommodation and travel.
  • Expenses on a hired vehicle or driver.
  • Flight, accommodation, or trip changes and cancellations.

To make your claims,

  • Go to the FWD website.
  • Navigate to the product and click on travel insurance,
  • On travel insurance, you will find claims,
  • Click on it and fill out the claim form.
  • After filling out the forms,
  • There is a number from customer service that you can call if you still need help.

You are also required to provide some relevant documents, such as medical reports, police reports, accommodation, and tour details. To make claims for expenses, you will also need to provide a receipt.

How to Get a Travel Insurance Quote on FWD

To get a quote on FWD, you have to go to the website, visit the website on your device, and make sure you have stable internet. To get a quote, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the FWD cruise insurance website.
  • You will see a link that says “Get a quote’’.
  • Click on it [to get a quote].
  • Fill in the kind of trip insurance [annual, single] you want.
  • Fill in the people going on the trip.
  • Enter your religion, the date you will be leaving for the trip, and your arrival date.
  • Next, you will be asked if you have a promo code. If you don’t, you can skip that part.
  • Lastly, you can select your plans.

The plans are listed there with benefits. Select the plans of your choice, which also means your quote. Following this process will help you get a quote on the FWD website.

Who can purchase FWD’s travel insurance?

To purchase travel insurance on the FWD website, you need to be more than 16 years old and a resident of Singapore holding an NRIC or FIN. With this, you can purchase travel insurance on FWD.

 What is Not Included in FWD Travel Insurance?

There are several claims excluded from FWD travel insurance and they include:

  • A medical condition that existed before the trip.
  • Suicidal acts or acts inflicted on oneself.
  • Participating in any illegal act, such as a riot, strike, or civil commotion
  • Engaging in a wild sports activity that does not meet the criteria of the contract.

Also, visiting countries that the FWD travel agency advises against is prohibited. Avoiding all of these claims is advisable on the website.

Which Countries Are Not Included in the FWD Travel Insurance Plan?

Certain countries are excluded from the FWD travel insurance plan, and they are Afghanistan, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Libya, Liberia, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and any country that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore advises against traveling to.

Does FWD travel insurance cover COVID-19?

One of the benefits of FWD cruise insurance is COVID-19 coverage. On the website, you can continue your trip and enjoy the COVID-19 cover. The COVID-19 coverage is not included automatically, but you’ll need to purchase an add-on COVID rider with your travel insurance policy. The COVID rider also covers a lot of benefits under the FWD cruise insurance.

Other Services Offered by FWD

The other services offered by FWD are health insurance, life insurance, investments, employee benefits, pensions, financial planning services, Maxfocus vision insurance plan, Retirefun deferred annuity plan, and travel care premier insurance.


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