Doctors Needed in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Are you a licensed physician who wants to immigrate to Canada? There are tons of doctors needed in Canada with Visa Sponsorship from the comfort of your home today. This article will show you the list of available physician jobs in Canada; their salaries; how to apply; eligibility; and more. 

Doctors Needed in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Meanwhile, Canada is one of the most popular countries with immigrants from different parts of the world. And this is because the country has a wide range of job opportunities and high-tech tools. The health sector is no exception.

Preseently, Canada is facing a shortage of medical professionals, especially family specialists. The demand for professional doctors in Canada has drastically increased after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Based on statistics, about 50,900 general practitioners and family doctors are needed in Canada. And the projection period ranges from 2019 to 2028.

To fill out these openings, many health care operations, families, and investors in Canada are now offering free visa sponsorship to doctors from other parts of the world. Regardless of your position or field, you can apply for a job as a doctor in Canada and receive Visa Sponsorship.

Other perks like required health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation time, and many more are available to all selected applicants.

What is a Canadian Visa Sponsorship?

A Canadian Visa Sponsorship provides you the opportunity to travel to Canada from your home country without paying for your flight ticket. Your Visa will be sponsored by either the Canadian government or companies and organizations in the country.

As stated above, you can get Visa sponsorship from employers, family, service providers, and investors. You can consider getting a visa sponsorship to work in Canada under any of these categories. It is, however, important you contact an immigration lawyer to help you find the best sponsorship.

Top Canadian Medical Jobs with Visa Sponsorship and Average Salary

Before you can apply for the Doctors Needed in Canada with Visa Sponsorship Program from your selected organization or company, it is important you learn about the top medical jobs available.

Also, you need to know the average salary you can earn. In this section of the article, we will be outlining some of the top available jobs to apply for.

Medical Jobs In CanadaAverage Salary in $
Pharmacist $94,700
Respiratory Assistant $76,626
Family Physician$211,000
Dietitians and Nutritionists $72,000
Physiotherapy Assistant$52,000
Licensed Nurses $76,362
Medical Specialist$65,000
Medical Doctor$267,800
Medical Laboratory Assistant$25,310
Acute care specialist$76,362
Medical Radiation Technologists$85, 800

Requirements to Apply for Doctor Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

A physician who would like to apply for the Doctors Needed in Canada with Visa Sponsorship Program will have to meet the required eligibility. The following requirements are needed:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in Quebec.
  • One Year of Pre-Medical University Studies.
  • Certificate of graduation from an approved medical school.
  • Two or three-year training
  • Completion of the qualifying test of the Medical Council of Canada and incensing by the territorial authority.
  • Language proficiency tests
  • Your Medical License.
  • Valid documents such as your school certificate, date of birth, and other requested documents.
  • At least two passports.
  • Lastly, you must apply from an eligible Canadian Visa Sponsorship country.

If you aren’t sure if your country is among the list of countries that can enjoy free Canadian Visa Sponsorship, you can check the official Canadian Immigration portal online. However, the U.S. is the only country eligible for a free Canadian Visa sponsorship.

How to Apply for Doctors Needed in Canada with Visa Sponsorship for Immigrants

However, you can apply for a job as a doctor in Canada online. Visit the official job bank website of the Canadian government. The process can sometimes be complicated, especially for people who are applying for the first time.

You will need some professional help to make sure your application goes smoothly. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow:

  • Hire a competent immigration lawyer to help you with the documents and requirements.
  • Check online for the region in Canada where you will like to reside and work. Some of the easiest places in Canada for foreign doctors to find jobs include Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and more.
  • Get a medical-approved degree from a college listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.
  • Apply and make sure you qualify for the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada.
  • Then, complete your 12 months of postgraduate clinical medical training.
  • Lastly, get your official certification to work in Canada.

Note: If your country is among the eligible countries to visit and work in Canada with Visa Sponsorship, you can visit Then fill the online application form. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions carefully.


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