Best Websites for Photographers

What are the best websites for photographers? For both professionals and amateurs, the best website for photography has a simple interface with lots of features, good themes, and amazing visual templates.

Best Websites for Photographers

These websites give their users the chance to stand out from the rest without the need to code.

However, some websites let you create amazing photography portfolios, and some that are good at promoting and selling photography services.

Some websites make it very easy to create an online shop to sell your photographs. Hence in this blog post, I will provide some of the best websites where photographers can access tools to create a professional presence online.

7 Best Websites for Photographers

Photographers need a customized website to improve their credibility and sell their photographs. This is why there are websites for photographers to easily create their website and access lots of features. If you are ready to create your website, below are some of the best websites you could use.


If you want your stunning photographs to be displayed beautifully, then you can surely count on Squarespace. This platform has an outstanding reputation for showcasing photographs beautifully.

It is also very popular around the world as a stunning, and award-winning website. It has several tools that make it very easy to create a picture-perfect website. Squarespace is also user-friendly, especially for beginners.

Furthermore, on the website, all the plans come with a domain, website metrics, unlimited bandwidth, and the Squarespace Video Studio App. Although the plans aren’t cheap, Squarespace has lots of features and tools to offer.

In addition, Squarespace is regarded as one of the best website builders on the web. This is why it is highly recommended.


HostGator is a user-friendly tool for creating simple websites very quickly. Its fees are also quite affordable for even people on a tight budget. You can get started with HostGator for just $4.95 per month.

This platform lets its excellent site builder create your website with ease. All you need to do is answer a few questions, add images, and insert your logo, and HostGator will develop your initial site.

You can also customize the first website design to suit you and then launch your site within a few minutes. All of HostGator comes with unlimited image storage, a free custom domain, email marketing, e-commerce capabilities, lead capture forms, and others.


GoDaddy is popularly known as an easy-to-use, affordable website builder for small businesses. It also helps people to extend their online presence. This is so that they can easily sell on social media platforms and some well-known marketplaces, which include Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

All the plans include email and social media marketing and payment acceptance through GoDaddy Payments. The premium plans provide tools to help you build and manage your online listings on Yelp and Google Business Profile.

These listings are important for photographers who want to sell their services locally. With both the basic and premium plans, you can easily set up a photography portfolio. Then tap into GoDaddy Payments to accept payments and advertise your photography.

If you want to grow your photography business, you can upgrade to the GoDaddy e-commerce plan to access more features.

With the upgraded account, you can accept online deposits and payments for your services. Then, create an online shop to sell to your customers and accept orders on the online marketplace.


One of the reasons why some photographers don’t want to build their websites is because they think the process is hard. Well, it isn’t, thanks to websites such as Wix.

It is among the beginner-friendly websites that are available today. This platform provides over 800 templates that you can customize to suit your photography business needs.

The entire paid plan has a free custom domain for over a year, a free SSL certificate, and a storage space allotment. Although the pricing seems to be a little expensive, you can build a website for free.

If you don’t want to sell your photography on Wix, then you might opt for one of Wix’s four core website plans. Ensure that the plan you choose provides the storage space that you need, and they range from 2GB to 100 GB.

If you are planning to accept payments online, then you will need one of Wix’s Business and e-commerce plans. All the e-commerce plans have unlimited products, social channel selling, abandoned cart recovery, secure online payments, customer accounts, and a storage space that ranges from 50GB to unlimited.

It can be a little difficult to build a website with WordPress; however, if you want total creative control over your photography website, then WordPress is highly recommended.

This website is open-source software, so it is free. It is also one of the most used content management systems for creating a website. While building a website on WordPress, you will have total control over the style and functionality of your website.

There are thousands of WordPress themes that you can choose from. Some of them are free, while you will have to pay to access some themes.

If you have good design and coding skills, you can also create your website. Furthermore, there are plugins you can use to customize your website.

These plugins are available for different types of features. These include appointment scheduling, e-commerce, social sharing, event calendars, watermarks, client proofing, and client galleries. Invoicing and also WordPress SEO


If you want to build a simple site, then Zyro is the best website for you. If you just need a simple website to display your work, then Zyro is the best website for you.

It only provides two plans, and every plan includes unlimited bandwidth, a free domain for a year, unlimited storage, and others. The drag-and-drop editor makes it very easy to set up a brand-new website.

This platform provides tons of designer templates, perfect for photography portfolios and business websites. If you want to accept payments on your website, then you can upgrade to the Zyro Business plan.

In the business plan, you will have access to features for order management, inventory management, email notifications, appointment booking, and order management.

This business plan features over 20 modes of payment and online store functionality that allows you to sell over 500 products. There isn’t a free trial for Zyro; however, the 30-day plan has lots of features.


If you are new to the photography business, then you need a website. This is why SmugMug is the best website builder. It is specially designed for photographers.

This website also enables you to store unlimited full-resolution photos, share large files very quickly, and create a stunning online photography portfolio.

SmugMug also provides three plans that range from $13 to $42 per month. And you can save close to 33% by buying a yearly plan.

They also come with no image compression, which makes sure that your photo keeps its quality, unlimited photo, and video storage, 20+ premade design templates, automatic backups, website customization, and SEO tools.

The SmugMug Portfolio and Pro plans also have fully integrated order fulfillment, payment collection through PayPal or EFT, and gallery engagement.

The lists above are some of the best websites that you can use to build a website for your photography business. They offer plans to suit your needs and provide several modes of payment if you have an online shop.


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