Best Programming Language to Learn 2024

Best Programming Language to Learn 2024 – Are you planning to learn a new programming language in 2024 to boost your tech skills? Are you confused about which programming language to start with?

Best Programming Language to Learn 2024

If yes, this article is for you. We will list the best programming languages for you to choose from.

Best Programming Language to Learn 2024

Each programming language is designed for a specific purpose and has its relative merits and demerits.

So, the answer to “what programming language should I learn?” depends on your familiarity with coding. However, you can as well consider the high-demand job opportunity in the language, and your life goals.

What Is a Programming Language?

A programming language is a set of grammatical rules used to instruct a computing device for it to perform a specific task.

However, it’s program developed which can range from operating systems; data-based applications to networking solutions.

7 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024


The first programming language to learn on our list is Python. Phyton is a popular programming language founded by Guido Van Rossum. It was released in 1991. It is one of the best programming languages out there to learn since it is supported by multiple systems and platforms.

Most scientific and numeric applications such as AI and machine learning, which are top trends in the tech world, are built with Python. Python is very easy to learn, and it is estimated that in the United States, a python developer earns about $114,383 as an average salary per year.


This is another programming language to learn, which was released in September 1995. JavaScript is very fast as it can be run quickly in the client-side browser. It is one of the best coding languages to learn it is relatively simple to learn.

However, the usage includes web/mobile app development, game development, and desktop app development. The average wage for a JavaScript developer in the United States is around $110,981 per year.

R Programming Language

R was made by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka at the University of Auckland. It is considered to be very easy to code as a statistic language.

Furthermore, R is open-source software. Therefore, anyone can use and change it. Usage includes data science projects, statistical computing, machine learning, and more.

The average wage for any R developer ranges from approximately $90,042 to $136,616 per year. However, R is also good for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.


Java was made in the year 1996 by James gosling. It is one of the most powerful open-source rapid development tools.

However, Java offers APIs for different activities like Database connection, networking, XML parsing, utilities, etc. The application is mostly used for developing android apps, web apps, and big data.

The salary for any Java developer is $101,013 per year in the United State. You can as well start using it as it is one of the best programming languages to learn that has a large number of open-source libraries.


Apple are the developer of the swift app in July 2010 so iOS developers do not need to with Objective-C. The swift program codes are near to natural English, so it is easy to read.

Plus, it is one of the best useful programming languages which has easy-to-add new features which make swift high-level language. It is one of the best coding languages to learn that does not have long code lines.

For IOS developers in the United States, their average salary for swift is around $130,801 per year. The application is made works with Apple’s cocoa and cocoa touch frameworks to create all types of iOS apps.


C++ is a programming language that was made in 1953 by Bjarne. It is one of the popular coding languages which has no garbage collector running in the background.

This application is widely used in Game development, advanced computations, and graphics compilers. The average salary of C++ developers in the United States is $113,865 per year.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Working with this app is easy. However, it is one of the top programming languages that has a large open-source software community.

Plus, PHP is easy to learn. Its syntax is similar to HTML and even uses some embedded HTML in its code. Since you can reuse blocks of code and built-in functions, PHP is one of the simplest programming languages.

Applications include web applications, content management systems, and eCommerce applications. The average salary for a PHP developer in the US is $84, 727 per year.


Which Coding Language Is Best To Learn?

JavaScript and Python, two of the most popular languages in the startup industry, are in high demand. However, they are easy to use mostly for beginners.

Should I learn C++ or Python?

If you’re looking to develop software or code that runs particularly quickly, however, use C++ over Python as the former is much faster no matter what you’re using it for.

What Is The Number 1 Programming Language?

PYTHON is the main coding language for around 80% of developers. It is trending currently and can be used as regarded as the king of programing language.

Should I learn C or C++ or Python first?

Deciding whether to learn Python or C++ first is a matter of preference for most people. However, both are easy to learn. But you have to learn more about the pros and cons of each before you make a decision.

Which Are The Best Programming Language To Learn?

Below are some of the Best Programming Language to Learn:

  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • C++
  • PHP


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